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Available Courses

  • get ready set craft
  • You and the law.
  • Digital Imaging will be a topic of interest to students with film or game design aspirations. Topics such as animation, claymation, 2D and 3D graphics will be encountered in the context of Flash and Final Cut HD projects. Our aim is to produce a few good pieces for a DVD or web-based delivery.
  • You will learn how to digitize yourself and make yourself googable.
  • This great country called Canada.
  • You will become very familiar with MS-Word, Publisher, and the world of Cloud Computing.
  • You will conduct Cloud Computing + Coding
  • This course relates to the creation of our school's annual yearbook.
  • Career Life Education10 is a required course for all students in grade 10.

  • This course will cover: Introduction to Programming; Programming Methodology; Programming Structure; Graphics and User Interfaces; and Arrays, Files, Searching; Arrays and Sorting; Object Oriented Programming; and Application Development.
  • This course will cover: Workstation Basics; Operating Systems (Windows/Mac/Linux); Networking Technologies; Network Design and Management

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moodle 192 is here

set up by me mr. gill

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The power of Books .

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Here is a link to an article that I wrote.

jedi penguin

I believe in Free/Open source software. Here is a speech by Richard Stallman, where he talks about Free software.

Here he is singing about free software.
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